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3 days = my birthday :-]

Upnorth til next Saturday so here's an update to keep ya'll occupied while I'm gone =]

So summer has been awesome so far.

Moday slept over Lauren's. We watched Memoirs of a Geisha-so good and Just Like Heaven-very cute. and ate some pixie sticks of course!So the next day Giac, Lauren and I paid a visit to Stoney Creek. We had a lovely picnic on the beach. Some sand wars. Went to the nature center. lmao how'd you guys like my mask? haha. But the realy adventure began when we rented a canoe. So it had been raining but we thought it cleared up for good so we rented a canoe. We were paddling out and paddling, paddling. All of a sudden we heard someone on a loud speaker. We couldn't make out what they were seeing but we thought maybe they were telling us to get off the lake. All of a sudden the sky started to darked and fog started coming in. Then the rain began to pour so we started paddling as fast as we could back to shore. Then the canoe started turning around...towards the middle of the lake! I really thought we were going to be stuck in the middle of the lake. It scared the shizzit out of me. Wow. Another misdirection and 2 360s later we finally made it back to shore safe and sound. Later we were hanging out at Lauren's and decided to try all our old games(sandman, trances, etc)on Giac. Lmao heeelarious. I love that boy.

So yesterday Giac to me to HuHot for my birthday. My new favorite restaurant. I love it. Its like Mongolian Barbeque. You pick all your ingredients and they cook it right there for ya. Yumm. Then we hung out for a bit and it was time to go to the "surprise" which turned out to be...a llama farm! Lmao. I loved it! They had llamas and alpacas and they were all adorable. Oh my goodness. It was the best surprise and he his the best boyfriend in the world =] Haha wow. I still can't believe it.Then we ate some yummy Arby's and hung out for longer. And saw the Big Dipper. Oh yeah and he got me 10 cans of raspberry iced tea =]

Tomorrow leaving for upnorth. It should be pretty fun. Gotta get packing.
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