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long over due update....

Soo lots has happened in the last month...seems like so much longer though.

-mono had me benched for the last couple games but hey what can ya do.
-I went with Giac and his family to his cousin's wedding =] it was lots of fun
-Relay for Life 06 with my quazis was definitely awesome. scavenger hunt, mr relay, nostril blowing, evacuation, movies, tigers tickets. love yous all.
-finals are finico. phew. Now just waiting for report cards to come.

Best of alll...just got back from an amazing vacation from FLORIDA with my bestest McBeaver =] Good times. Fine dining, juan luis, italian, birds, squirrels, hannah montana, in my pants, mexican mermaids, crazy makeup, sushi, bugs, tan lines. I caught a lizard-ah so exciting, and tried some eel sushi, and fed a bird out of man hand. Oh yeah and one of my new favorite animals are squirrels...what cuties. It was pretty much the sweetest vaca!

Well I'm a sweaty cuz I just got back from running so I'ma go take a shower. talk to ya'll later.
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