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I need to update. I'm just in a blahh mood. I don't even know why. Well I do kinda. Like Lauren just stated in her entry...weekends aren't even weekends anymore. There is always something going or homework or somewhere to be. Barely any time to hang out or relax. Summer break is almost here though...thank goodness.

Okay so we lost to Chippewea. Ahh I did so freaking bad. I don't understand. Blahh. I get so nervous and I'm scared to try as hard as I can cuz I'm scared I'll mess up...and then I do anyways. I thought it was finally going away and I wasn't getting so nervous...ha well I thought wrong. W/e Monday will be different. There's only like 3 weeks left of soccer and its going to go by soo fast. I'm excited to have free time but I really don't want it to end. At the beginning of the season I dreaded doing all our sprints and running but now I've grown to like it. I'm in the best shape of my life. I don't want to go back to being my lazy old self that doesn't exercise. And I don't want to stop playing soccer for like a year. I don't have the time nor money to be on a travel team. Oh well. I'm really gonna stay in shape though.

On a MUCH happier note, yesterday was also me and Giac's 11 months =] We got some yummy ice cream. yumm. And saw a racoons. It looked right at us. Haha. 1 more month baby =] I love you Giac. mwahhhh.

There is so much to look forward, relay, florida, summer vaca, upnorth, camping, cedar point, beach, cruise homecoming, sweethearts, prom...some are far off but gosh its going to be the best summer/year yet. I can't wait!

I thought school was starting to get easier but no stupid research paper in Nethercott. Nooo idea when I'm going to find time to do that. And write 5 freakin pages? I can barely write 2!!! Oh well I better get working on my homework. Amanda, Nicole and I are working on our spanish commercial today so I gotta get ready for that. peeace.
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