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Blahhhl I have updated this in the longest time and I should really not be doing it right now cuz I have homework to finish but I need a break. So lately my life consists of school, soccer, and sleep-and talking to my baby for a wil while some where in there. Wake up, go to schoool for 7 hours, stay at school and work on homework/wait for soccer, soccer for about 2 1/2-3 hours, finally get home at like 7ish or 7:30, do my homework, eat, shower, talk to my baby a wil, bed, and do the saaame thing the next day. I can't live off of like 6-7 hours of sleep. I know it seems like a lot for some people but my body can't function like that. I get so tired during the day, I can't concentrate and I feel like I'ma fall asleep. Blahh. Other than that nothing. If I'm on the computer its for homework...or checking myspace for like one second. Blahh. I have an government essay to write...which I am not to excited about considering I got a D on my last one. And a psych report and I can't find anything on the stupid guy. So yeah then there is the weekend. Time to relax right? Hardly. Friday I didn't get home till like 8ish cuz I had a soccer game(which by the way will be vented on very soonly). Saturday was the wonderful ACTS. So I got to sleep in til -ohmygosh- 7 o clock! Then ate lunch and where to? Work of course. 3-7. What a wonderful day to spend my Saturday. But then I did get to hang out wit my baby for a couple hours so that was awesome =] And what fun will today bring? Homework and work from 3-7 again. My oh my I just can't wait. not.

Sooo I am sorry to those who I have not talked to/hung out with alot lately. I'm not trying to ignore you my any means or be a bad friend.Please try to understand that. I don't want to be thought of as certain other people know what I mean? Cuz I'm really not becoming that...I really am just really really busy-but only for soccer season.

Speaking of soccer. After this I'm doing my homework but I need to get this out. Okaay so after we lost 9-1 to Grosse Point North I was so upset. I couldn't even believe the score. It still seems surreal. 9-1. WTF. Its horrendous. And I thought maybe this would finally be awake up call. People would start working harder and come back on Friday ready to prove we were better than a 9-1 blow out. Show everyone one it was just a fluky game. But noo. What happened? We fell apart again. We were doing good the first 10 min. I was so excited. We were actually doing good. I thought it would be a close game. But I was very wrong. 8-0. AH. How does this happen? We aren't a bad team. We have talent. Why can't we use it? I will tell you what the problem is. People are lazy or just don't want to work hard. They stand there WATCHING the ball. Not even exagerating. They just watch it. You need to GO to it. Sprint to it like it was a matter between life or death. Fight for it. Use that anger you felt when we lost and use it to push you. Evey time you get tired ask yourself if you want another 8 point blowout. And I am so sick of people complaining about practice. Oh we have to run we have to do this...well what the hell do you think we are going to do at practice? We are certainly no going to prance around with soccer balls. We are going to be tired. Thats a givem. How else are we going to freaking get better. And its a personal choice to sign why would you frikin join if you didn't want to work or play your hardest? Whats the point. Whatever. Tomorrows game best go alot better than Fridays....
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