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Kaaay lets see...

So Sunday was so much fun =] Went to Giac's house to watch the superbowl! And it was our 8 months =] Played cards with his little brother for a while lmao it was a never ending game-but Jared finally "won" Kok. The super bowl was soo good lmao. Hehe. I had an amazing time baby. MWAHHH.

Yesterday school blah boring whatever. Umm yeap.

Today school was yeah same. Got a C- on my math test. AHH. Kinda freaked sorry Lauren lol. Blahhh. I just couldn't understand it for anything. Ah. Whatever its over. Now I just gotta bring my grade back up. At least its the beginning of the semester.

Tomorrow is super hero day =] I have my shirt but it looks kinda gay but whatever. Then hopefully hanging out with Giac. Gunna go get some Coldstone. Yumm.

Thursday = Pep rally. Gotta find some turquise some way. But idk where you'd get it. If I could find turqoise tights thatd be sweet.We'lll see.

Friday = Sweethearts dance. Oh gosh I am soo excited. It's going to be amazing. Especially since I am going with the most amazing guy =] Seriously, you are Giac. =] Mwahhh.

Saturday = Ewww ACTs. Oh gawd.

Tuesday = Valentine's day! =] Going out to dinner at Bucca de Peppo's with Giac. Gosh I can't wait for that either. MWAHHH

This next week is going to be so much fun =] Welll gotta go byebye
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