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K so yesterday was fun/frusterating.

So I went to Lauren's to study for ACTs. We took the english test and we went to check it-holy crap we got like over half wrong! Wwe were like what the heck. Soo then we decided to take it together, we agreed on all the answers whatever...and we still got half wrong! We were like freaking out. And then we took the math part and we didn't finish cuz we were so frusterated. Blahh. I've forgotten like all this math stuff. Not good. So then we went to Little Caesars. OMG LAURENNNN!! Lmfao. Just wow. Well we got it all planned out ;-) Hahahaha. Watched some Oprah they were soo sad. But really good. Then I hadda go home and study then talked to Giac and then went to bed =]

Today going to church, studying, then Giac's house to hang out and watch the super bowl =] Happy 8 months sweetie!!

Oh yeah and I got a new layout. It's the other one I could find lol but I kinda like it.
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