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Ok I need a wil break from my homework and I needa vent soo yeah.

Um kay so at first I was like oh man this is gunna be stressful catching up. Then I was like hey it isn't that bad. And I've went back and forth and back and forth and its back to yeah its stressing me out. I have to memorize this stupid conservativee/republican against liberal/democrat thing for a quiz tomorrow and I know exactly ZERO. Not even kidding. Um kay so then I have to outline Chapter 1 in gov to and learn it all so I can makeup the test that is supposed to be tomorrow on Monday. Psych I have to pretty much learn the whole first chatper this weekend for Mondays test. Math I'm way lost so I have to learn that for Monday so I can make up the test. English gotta do my quiz I missed-thank god he's making it take home but that just means it has to be even better. Chem umm I can do it if I use notes. Spanish I gotta do a bunch of worksheets but thats easy. But yeah. Mostly stressed about government. Like a lot. As in how the hell am I supposed to remember all this stuff by tomorrow?!?! Well that means all my other homework is postponed until this weekend which is going to stress me out then. Plus ahh other little stuff that is stressing me out. Like I'm afraid my hair appointment for sweethearts is to late. It's right after school but I couldnt do it any earlier because theres no way to get there unless I walk. I still need to find a ride there for it now but its right down the street from cousino but i still dunno if its to late. N yeah it seems stupid but its one of those things in the back of your mind that just nags you. Okay so yeah I need to go shopping bad for some things and that will also nag at me til its done. Andd yeah I dunno other stuff but whateverr. I need to go memorize government or whatever it is. blahhhh
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