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So yesterday was like amazing. I made a miraculous recovery-no joke. Haha. Even though they said the Amoxocillin was only gunna help my had to of helped the mono as well. There is noo way I could of gotten that much better with just motrin.

Soo I watched Magic School bus lmao. Cuz that show is just cool =]. Um listened to music. Cleaned. Did some homework. Watched Boy Meets World. Can't remember what else-went by so fast. I'm starting to like this no school thing lmao. Then the most amazing boyfriend in the world came over =] We hung out and ate and watched tv(American Idol-someof those people just crack me up) and played Need for Speed but I was so freaking bad haha I almost won but then someone distracted me! and yeah it was so much fun. But it went by way to fast =[ And then he had to leave. And now I miss him like always.Mwahhhh.

Umm today I'm going to try to do some more of my homework. And try to be productive. And I guess thats it. And I need a new lj layout. Eww this one just depresses me. Haha byebyeeee
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