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Wellll today lets see...

went to the doctors and I got a double ear infection now. But that is a good thing because they gave me medicine finally!!! And my doctor said I could take 3 motrins at a time. Yay. Which I think is helping. I felt kinda crappy for a wil while but then I felt better. I watched Christmas in Boston. Gosh its so cute. Umm don't really remember what else I watched. Just other random shows. Lauren came and brought me my homework. What a doll =] So I tried to do some. Umm Math I'm pretty lost. Chem I think I know how to do it but I dunno if its right, and government I couldn't figure out a couple problems but other than that its okay.

I actually ate really food omg it tasted so good. My grandpa came over and made some pasta. YUM. I cannot wait until I can eat again. I've been craving general toast chicken so idea why. Or like a combo pizza. Sounds sooo good. But I did lose like 3 pounds since Wednesday. I'm down to 124 1/4-lowest I've been in like forever. Usually its like 130. No idea how I lost it but hey I'm not complaining. Lol. Now I'm drinkin some orange tea stuff. Its kinda eww but it makes my throat feel good so. And banana pudding yummm.

Giacipoo is coming over tomorrow. Yay. lol. I just don't want him to get sick.

Welll I'ma go do somethin lol. Byeeee bye
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