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SO yesterday was boring during the day again. All I did was watch tv and then decided to curl my hair. Nikki called so I talked to her for a bit. Lauren came with my homework and brought me another slurpee =] Then Giac came and we hung out and he brought some Vernor's =]Then we are about to leave for my dad's and Nikki shows up with a slurpee and cotton candy. Thank you all three of yous. Seriously you guys are the best =]. Then me and Giac went to my dad's house and tried to play some piano. Ate some dinnerr. Thenn went on the computer, watched tv n cuddled n talked. Then Giac ate practically all the rest of our chickem gosh. Lmao j/k. Oh yeah and he tried to throw knives up in the air and catch them. Wow that was the cutest thing watchin him =] Lmao. Went on the computer someore, and then he had to leave. And now I miss him. Goshh. I'm sooo glad we hung out though!! MWAHHHH

Um last night I woke up like 3 times. I was like freaking out the first time which was at like 2:45. I was like omg I'm never gunna get back to sleep I'm be up the rest of the night. Butttt luckily I fell back to sleep everytime. Ahh I just want this to go away. I never thought a sore throat could get this bad. Holy crap.

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