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Welll an update is longgg over due and I've got lots of time so this may be a long one...

K so Sunday I went over my mom's cousins house and tried on some of her daughter's dresses for sweethearts. Like 4 of them fit so that was sweet. I'm going to wear one that is light pink. Its so pretty so yeah. I can't wait for sweethearts cuz I'm going with the most amazing boy =].

Monday Lauren came over and we went online and planned out some stuff-top secret though lmfao- and were really gunna do it Lauren haha and did some chem and watched American Idol. Woooah some of the people...hoooly crap. Haha. That one guy..well who said he was a guy? Haha.

Tuesday was work blah.

Yesterday my sweetie took me to the doctors. Hehe. But I have mono. Eww so that sucks. I just got a really bad sore throat. It hurts so bad to swallow. But whatever. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse. But everyone says its supposed to be bad so we shall see. So then after the doctors we went back to my house and just hung out. Gosh I love hanging out with you sweetie. No kissing for like 2 or 3 weeks? Oh gosh. We'll make it though-we don't have a choice. lol Mwahhhh.

K so new semester. Ehh its okay gunna take some getting used to.

English there is Andrew, Reimus, Joel, Robyn, and Karrah so it won't be to bad. Chem Allison and Nicole and I like don't even know anybody else. And so far I don't like Ms Mulcahy. She doesn't even read the answers for homework-how we supposed to know if we got them right? Psych...Mr Rogers is sweet. Nicole and Bryan are in there. Lunch is sweet-Lauren, Silva, Amanda, and Nicole. Spanish haha thats gunna be fun. Only 3 guys. Amanda, Nicole, Allison, Kaleigh, Kelsey and a bunch of people are in there. A.P. Gov is gunna be awesome. Theres only like 15 people. Amanda, Heather, Jef, Alana, Johnny, Tegan, and some other people. And Ms Garrish seems nice. Math is gunna be sweet. Lauren and Tri are in there and lots of other people. Cept I have to sit behind bandy and next to jack off kid. Wonderrrful. So yeah classes are okay-better than I thought at first, just gunna take some time getting used to.

Um yeah so today I decided to stay home. My throat was hurting me no other this morning. And the medicine is wearing off so its starting to hurt again. I'm watchin Ray. I love the music. Its really sad though. His brother drowned when he was like 7. Then he went blind. Then when he was older he was on drugs and cheated on his wife alll the time. Its sad. But now hes trying to get clean so I better go watch and see what happens.

Okeee byebye
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