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Yeah realllly not in the mood to study. At allll.

Got a 94% on Amann YES! But pretty much failed spanish. But I'm retake it and if I do good I'll have an A+ in the class so that would be exciting. IF I could find freaking time to study and wasn't tired. Blahh. I just can't wait until this week is over. February is going to be a busy month 8 months for me and Giac =]. Mwah. Sweethearts dance, ACTs(ewww), Valentines day, my sweeties birthday, winter break, starting out a new semester so hopefully not to much homework. Wow its coming so quick...I reallly needa go shoppin lol.

Got Criminal Justice and Chem midterms tomorrow...shouldn't be to bad...I don't think. Work 5-10. Ugggh.

Tomorrow studying wit Lauren =] and then work 4-8 ugh I hate work.

Psshh. Midterms suckkkk.
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