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3 days = my birthday :-] [Friday
July 14th, 2006 at 1:56pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Upnorth til next Saturday so here's an update to keep ya'll occupied while I'm gone =]

So summer has been awesome so far.

Moday slept over Lauren's. We watched Memoirs of a Geisha-so good and Just Like Heaven-very cute. and ate some pixie sticks of course!So the next day Giac, Lauren and I paid a visit to Stoney Creek. We had a lovely picnic on the beach. Some sand wars. Went to the nature center. lmao how'd you guys like my mask? haha. But the realy adventure began when we rented a canoe. So it had been raining but we thought it cleared up for good so we rented a canoe. We were paddling out and paddling, paddling. All of a sudden we heard someone on a loud speaker. We couldn't make out what they were seeing but we thought maybe they were telling us to get off the lake. All of a sudden the sky started to darked and fog started coming in. Then the rain began to pour so we started paddling as fast as we could back to shore. Then the canoe started turning around...towards the middle of the lake! I really thought we were going to be stuck in the middle of the lake. It scared the shizzit out of me. Wow. Another misdirection and 2 360s later we finally made it back to shore safe and sound. Later we were hanging out at Lauren's and decided to try all our old games(sandman, trances, etc)on Giac. Lmao heeelarious. I love that boy.

So yesterday Giac to me to HuHot for my birthday. My new favorite restaurant. I love it. Its like Mongolian Barbeque. You pick all your ingredients and they cook it right there for ya. Yumm. Then we hung out for a bit and it was time to go to the "surprise" which turned out to be...a llama farm! Lmao. I loved it! They had llamas and alpacas and they were all adorable. Oh my goodness. It was the best surprise and he his the best boyfriend in the world =] Haha wow. I still can't believe it.Then we ate some yummy Arby's and hung out for longer. And saw the Big Dipper. Oh yeah and he got me 10 cans of raspberry iced tea =]

Tomorrow leaving for upnorth. It should be pretty fun. Gotta get packing.


long over due update.... [Monday
June 26th, 2006 at 10:40am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Soo lots has happened in the last month...seems like so much longer though.

-mono had me benched for the last couple games but hey what can ya do.
-I went with Giac and his family to his cousin's wedding =] it was lots of fun
-Relay for Life 06 with my quazis was definitely awesome. scavenger hunt, mr relay, nostril blowing, evacuation, movies, tigers tickets. love yous all.
-finals are finico. phew. Now just waiting for report cards to come.

Best of alll...just got back from an amazing vacation from FLORIDA with my bestest McBeaver =] Good times. Fine dining, juan luis, italian, birds, squirrels, hannah montana, in my pants, mexican mermaids, crazy makeup, sushi, bugs, tan lines. I caught a lizard-ah so exciting, and tried some eel sushi, and fed a bird out of man hand. Oh yeah and one of my new favorite animals are squirrels...what cuties. It was pretty much the sweetest vaca!

Well I'm a sweaty cuz I just got back from running so I'ma go take a shower. talk to ya'll later.


May 6th, 2006 at 3:01pm]
[ mood | wil bit stressed ]

I need to update. I'm just in a blahh mood. I don't even know why. Well I do kinda. Like Lauren just stated in her entry...weekends aren't even weekends anymore. There is always something going on...work or homework or somewhere to be. Barely any time to hang out or relax. Summer break is almost here though...thank goodness.

Okay so we lost to Chippewea. Ahh I did so freaking bad. I don't understand. Blahh. I get so nervous and I'm scared to try as hard as I can cuz I'm scared I'll mess up...and then I do anyways. I thought it was finally going away and I wasn't getting so nervous...ha well I thought wrong. W/e Monday will be different. There's only like 3 weeks left of soccer and its going to go by soo fast. I'm excited to have free time but I really don't want it to end. At the beginning of the season I dreaded doing all our sprints and running but now I've grown to like it. I'm in the best shape of my life. I don't want to go back to being my lazy old self that doesn't exercise. And I don't want to stop playing soccer for like a year. I don't have the time nor money to be on a travel team. Oh well. I'm really gonna stay in shape though.

On a MUCH happier note, yesterday was also me and Giac's 11 months =] We got some yummy ice cream. yumm. And saw a racoons. It looked right at us. Haha. 1 more month baby =] I love you Giac. mwahhhh.

There is so much to look forward to...wedding, relay, florida, summer vaca, upnorth, camping, cedar point, beach, cruise homecoming, sweethearts, prom...some are far off but gosh its going to be the best summer/year yet. I can't wait!

I thought school was starting to get easier but no stupid research paper in Nethercott. Nooo idea when I'm going to find time to do that. And write 5 freakin pages? I can barely write 2!!! Oh well I better get working on my homework. Amanda, Nicole and I are working on our spanish commercial today so I gotta get ready for that. peeace.


April 9th, 2006 at 9:31am]
[ mood | blah ]

Blahhhl I have updated this in the longest time and I should really not be doing it right now cuz I have homework to finish but I need a break. So lately my life consists of school, soccer, and sleep-and talking to my baby for a wil while some where in there. Wake up, go to schoool for 7 hours, stay at school and work on homework/wait for soccer, soccer for about 2 1/2-3 hours, finally get home at like 7ish or 7:30, do my homework, eat, shower, talk to my baby a wil, bed, and do the saaame thing the next day. I can't live off of like 6-7 hours of sleep. I know it seems like a lot for some people but my body can't function like that. I get so tired during the day, I can't concentrate and I feel like I'ma fall asleep. Blahh. Other than that nothing. If I'm on the computer its for homework...or checking myspace for like one second. Blahh. I have an government essay to write...which I am not to excited about considering I got a D on my last one. And a psych report and I can't find anything on the stupid guy. So yeah then there is the weekend. Time to relax right? Hardly. Friday I didn't get home till like 8ish cuz I had a soccer game(which by the way will be vented on very soonly). Saturday was the wonderful ACTS. So I got to sleep in til -ohmygosh- 7 o clock! Then ate lunch and where to? Work of course. 3-7. What a wonderful day to spend my Saturday. But then I did get to hang out wit my baby for a couple hours so that was awesome =] And what fun will today bring? Homework and work from 3-7 again. My oh my I just can't wait. not.

Sooo I am sorry to those who I have not talked to/hung out with alot lately. I'm not trying to ignore you my any means or be a bad friend.Please try to understand that. I don't want to be thought of as certain other people know what I mean? Cuz I'm really not becoming that...I really am just really really busy-but only for soccer season.

Speaking of soccer. After this I'm doing my homework but I need to get this out. Okaay so after we lost 9-1 to Grosse Point North I was so upset. I couldn't even believe the score. It still seems surreal. 9-1. WTF. Its horrendous. And I thought maybe this would finally be awake up call. People would start working harder and come back on Friday ready to prove we were better than a 9-1 blow out. Show everyone one it was just a fluky game. But noo. What happened? We fell apart again. We were doing good the first 10 min. I was so excited. We were actually doing good. I thought it would be a close game. But I was very wrong. 8-0. AH. How does this happen? We aren't a bad team. We have talent. Why can't we use it? I will tell you what the problem is. People are lazy or just don't want to work hard. They stand there WATCHING the ball. Not even exagerating. They just watch it. You need to GO to it. Sprint to it like it was a matter between life or death. Fight for it. Use that anger you felt when we lost and use it to push you. Evey time you get tired ask yourself if you want another 8 point blowout. And I am so sick of people complaining about practice. Oh we have to run we have to do this...well what the hell do you think we are going to do at practice? We are certainly no going to prance around with soccer balls. We are going to be tired. Thats a givem. How else are we going to freaking get better. And its a personal choice to sign up...so why would you frikin join if you didn't want to work or play your hardest? Whats the point. Whatever. Tomorrows game best go alot better than Fridays....


February 19th, 2006 at 9:43am]
Okay definitely time to update. Lots of stuff has happened.

Sweethearts dance and Valentine's day were both beyond amazing =]

ACTs...blahh really dunno. Some was pretty hard some wasn't.

Yesterday was my sweetie's birthday =] I cook breaded chicken and broccoli. Haha. Then we watched a tape of my brother video taping himself. lmfao. It was so funny. Then we had cake and sang happy birthday to him haha. Thenn we watched Hide and Seek. Oh man it was so scary. We layed under the blanket I made him...it was pretty comfy lol. Then watched the Olympics for a while. I miss you sweetie. mwahhh. Happy Birthday =]

Soo glad its break week. SOO glad. Cept I got work, gotta volunteer, and start running for soccer.

OKay I don't feel like updating anymore right now. byebye.

February 9th, 2006 at 6:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

K so today and yesterday were like aboslute fun.

So yesterday I hung out with Giac after school =] Lots of accidents. Getting hit in the face, hitting our heads against the wall, and getting dropped against the wall! We watched King of the Hill and like Full House or somethin and ate some cheese balls and some yummyness his mom cooked =] Anddd had a tickle fight hehe. He spiked his hair for like 5 secs but it looked adorable. Then we went to Coldstone =] Omg grrreat ice cream. They make it like write there...mashin all the stuff together. Yumm. BLAHHHHH, getting the wrong sized lids, saying words really loud, asking for a spoon cuz you ate it(jussst kidding), getting to see your face haha ahh fun times =]

Thenn today was pep rally. It was pretty fun. Um yeah but not as fun as it shoulda been. Cuz the administrators are just annoyingly stupid. No bandana headbands in class...its freakin school spirit day! Gosh. N they didn'y let Sam and his group do their dance. And juniors have like no spirit...its pathetic lol. But it was fun despite that. Oh yeah and some people poking me ahem lauren and ronnie ahemmm.

Thenn after school me, Lauren, and Steve went to prebowl.OMG wow we were like on the biggest I don't know... bowling high. Something. Well firstly they were playing the best 90's music of..ever. So we sang along to that a bit. I have a type Phoebe personality lmfao. Fly like a bird. Sore like an eagle. Run like a phoebe. Feel free as you bowl. They probably thought we were like high or something-we laughed so hard at like...nothing lmfao. We did really good our first game and then it was down hill from there. Then Silva called. How do you pronounce xyz? Haha. Then Lauren was being silly. OMGGGGGGGGGGG. Haha Then we pranked Giac. Lmao. Ohhh baby.

Tomorrow is sweet hearts. I am sooo excited. Holy crap. I'm so not going to be able to concentrate in school. =]]]]

Welll gotta go do homework and schtufff. laterrrr


February 7th, 2006 at 6:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Kaaay lets see...

So Sunday was so much fun =] Went to Giac's house to watch the superbowl! And it was our 8 months =] Played cards with his little brother for a while lmao it was a never ending game-but Jared finally "won" Kok. The super bowl was soo good lmao. Hehe. I had an amazing time baby. MWAHHH.

Yesterday school blah boring whatever. Umm yeap.

Today school was yeah same. Got a C- on my math test. AHH. Kinda freaked sorry Lauren lol. Blahhh. I just couldn't understand it for anything. Ah. Whatever its over. Now I just gotta bring my grade back up. At least its the beginning of the semester.

Tomorrow is super hero day =] I have my shirt but it looks kinda gay but whatever. Then hopefully hanging out with Giac. Gunna go get some Coldstone. Yumm.

Thursday = Pep rally. Gotta find some turquise some way. But idk where you'd get it. If I could find turqoise tights thatd be sweet.We'lll see.

Friday = Sweethearts dance. Oh gosh I am soo excited. It's going to be amazing. Especially since I am going with the most amazing guy =] Seriously, you are Giac. =] Mwahhh.

Saturday = Ewww ACTs. Oh gawd.

Tuesday = Valentine's day! =] Going out to dinner at Bucca de Peppo's with Giac. Gosh I can't wait for that either. MWAHHH

This next week is going to be so much fun =] Welll gotta go byebye


February 5th, 2006 at 10:10am]
[ mood | excited ]

K so yesterday was fun/frusterating.

So I went to Lauren's to study for ACTs. We took the english test and we went to check it-holy crap we got like over half wrong! Wwe were like what the heck. Soo then we decided to take it together, we agreed on all the answers whatever...and we still got half wrong! We were like freaking out. And then we took the math part and we didn't finish cuz we were so frusterated. Blahh. I've forgotten like all this math stuff. Not good. So then we went to Little Caesars. OMG LAURENNNN!! Lmfao. Just wow. Well we got it all planned out ;-) Hahahaha. Watched some Oprah heartprints...aw they were soo sad. But really good. Then I hadda go home and study then talked to Giac and then went to bed =]

Today going to church, studying, then Giac's house to hang out and watch the super bowl =] Happy 8 months sweetie!!

Oh yeah and I got a new layout. It's the other one I could find lol but I kinda like it.


February 3rd, 2006 at 8:32pm]
[ mood | good ]

Welll I think I'm gunna update.

So glad its Friday. Umm school was stressful. Just overwhelmed with how behind I feel. Came home and did homework. I'm pretty much caught up with all the worksheets and bookwork stuff buttt that doesn't do me any good if I don't know the material. Math I keep getting pretty confused. Government I really do not know anything. Chem ehh mostly know it but I get confused. Psychology I actually know alot cuz we went over alot of it in class yesterday and today. Spanish nothin really new. Anddd English just gotta finish some journal entries. So I got mostly four subjects to study this weekend. Government the most, then math, then psych, and chem last. So yeah. I'm mostly worried about government and math.

Tomorrow going to Lauren's and we are going to study for ACT's. Eww not looking forward to them. But I'm not to worried cuz I'ma take it like 2 more times prolly anyways and I have better things to stress about. As long as I look over it a wil bit just so I know what kind of problems are on the test. Then study like madd the rest of the day.

Sunday I'ma study somemore. It is me and Giac's 8 months. Aww =] So we are gunna watch the superbowl together. MWAHHH.

Wellll I'ma take a shower and...study more?


February 2nd, 2006 at 7:02pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Ok I need a wil break from my homework and I needa vent soo yeah.

Um kay so at first I was like oh man this is gunna be stressful catching up. Then I was like hey it isn't that bad. And I've went back and forth and back and forth and its back to yeah its stressing me out. I have to memorize this stupid conservativee/republican against liberal/democrat thing for a quiz tomorrow and I know exactly ZERO. Not even kidding. Um kay so then I have to outline Chapter 1 in gov to and learn it all so I can makeup the test that is supposed to be tomorrow on Monday. Psych I have to pretty much learn the whole first chatper this weekend for Mondays test. Math I'm way lost so I have to learn that for Monday so I can make up the test. English gotta do my quiz I missed-thank god he's making it take home but that just means it has to be even better. Chem umm I can do it if I use notes. Spanish I gotta do a bunch of worksheets but thats easy. But yeah. Mostly stressed about government. Like a lot. As in how the hell am I supposed to remember all this stuff by tomorrow?!?! Well that means all my other homework is postponed until this weekend which is going to stress me out then. Plus ahh other little stuff that is stressing me out. Like I'm afraid my hair appointment for sweethearts is to late. It's right after school but I couldnt do it any earlier because theres no way to get there unless I walk. I still need to find a ride there for it now but its right down the street from cousino but i still dunno if its to late. N yeah it seems stupid but its one of those things in the back of your mind that just nags you. Okay so yeah I need to go shopping bad for some things and that will also nag at me til its done. Andd yeah I dunno other stuff but whateverr. I need to go memorize government or whatever it is. blahhhh


February 1st, 2006 at 8:44am]
[ mood | calm ]

So yesterday was like amazing. I made a miraculous recovery-no joke. Haha. Even though they said the Amoxocillin was only gunna help my ears...it had to of helped the mono as well. There is noo way I could of gotten that much better with just motrin.

Soo I watched Magic School bus lmao. Cuz that show is just cool =]. Um listened to music. Cleaned. Did some homework. Watched Boy Meets World. Can't remember what else-went by so fast. I'm starting to like this no school thing lmao. Then the most amazing boyfriend in the world came over =] We hung out and ate and watched tv(American Idol-someof those people just crack me up) and played Need for Speed but I was so freaking bad haha I almost won but then someone distracted me! and yeah it was so much fun. But it went by way to fast =[ And then he had to leave. And now I miss him like always.Mwahhhh.

Umm today I'm going to try to do some more of my homework. And try to be productive. And I guess thats it. And I need a new lj layout. Eww this one just depresses me. Haha byebyeeee


January 30th, 2006 at 8:01pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Wellll today lets see...

went to the doctors and I got a double ear infection now. But that is a good thing because they gave me medicine finally!!! And my doctor said I could take 3 motrins at a time. Yay. Which I think is helping. I felt kinda crappy for a wil while but then I felt better. I watched Christmas in Boston. Gosh its so cute. Umm don't really remember what else I watched. Just other random shows. Lauren came and brought me my homework. What a doll =] So I tried to do some. Umm Math I'm pretty lost. Chem I think I know how to do it but I dunno if its right, and government I couldn't figure out a couple problems but other than that its okay.

I actually ate really food omg it tasted so good. My grandpa came over and made some pasta. YUM. I cannot wait until I can eat again. I've been craving general toast chicken so bad...no idea why. Or like a combo pizza. Sounds sooo good. But I did lose like 3 pounds since Wednesday. I'm down to 124 1/4-lowest I've been in like forever. Usually its like 130. No idea how I lost it but hey I'm not complaining. Lol. Now I'm drinkin some orange tea stuff. Its kinda eww but it makes my throat feel good so. And banana pudding yummm.

Giacipoo is coming over tomorrow. Yay. lol. I just don't want him to get sick.

Welll I'ma go do somethin lol. Byeeee bye


January 28th, 2006 at 2:42pm]
[ mood | major owwie ]

yet another update. You don't gotta read it cuz its prolly uber boring, but I needa complain lol.

Owwwww. Nothing works. Not motrin, not cough drops, not throat lozenges, not slurpees, not ice cream, not chicken soup, not throat spray, not gargle shit. nothing. I dunno what else to try. I'm going to go crazy. I can barely open my mouth to see my throat anymore cuz now that hurts too. And it looks even more swollen. And I'm supposed to drink lots of fluids. Yeah thats definitely not going to happen. I guess I'll go try some more ice cream? Blaaaahhhhhhhhh.


January 28th, 2006 at 10:20am]
[ mood | sick ]

SO yesterday was boring during the day again. All I did was watch tv and then decided to curl my hair. Nikki called so I talked to her for a bit. Lauren came with my homework and brought me another slurpee =] Then Giac came and we hung out and he brought some Vernor's =]Then we are about to leave for my dad's and Nikki shows up with a slurpee and cotton candy. Thank you all three of yous. Seriously you guys are the best =]. Then me and Giac went to my dad's house and tried to play some piano. Ate some dinnerr. Thenn went on the computer, watched tv n cuddled n talked. Then Giac ate practically all the rest of our chickem gosh. Lmao j/k. Oh yeah and he tried to throw knives up in the air and catch them. Wow that was the cutest thing watchin him =] Lmao. Went on the computer someore, and then he had to leave. And now I miss him. Goshh. I'm sooo glad we hung out though!! MWAHHHH

Um last night I woke up like 3 times. I was like freaking out the first time which was at like 2:45. I was like omg I'm never gunna get back to sleep I'm be up the rest of the night. Butttt luckily I fell back to sleep everytime. Ahh I just want this to go away. I never thought a sore throat could get this bad. Holy crap.



owwwwwie [Friday
January 27th, 2006 at 4:57am]
[ mood | owww ]

What do you do at 4:30 in the morning when your throat hurts like a bitch and you can't sleep? Update livejournal of course!

Eww as much as I like not having to go to school for a couple days, I seriously would love to be there right now if it meant getting rid of this stupid sore throat. Staying home isn't even relaxing. I just sit there bracing myself for the next time I have to swallow. The motrin helps though-but when it starts wearing off oh boy. Like I have to stop whatever I'm doing and my body just like tenses up til I'm done swallowing. It probably looks like I have a twitch lmao. Ahhh.

Welll on a brighter note, I'm hanging out with Giac later =] I cannot wait for that.

Pop ups piss me off. Well you can't really call them popups because they don't pop up...they just change the page I am currently at to a page with a stupid advertisement that would have been considered a pop up if it would infact have popped up. lmao. Yep, its true. Well I guess I'll search for some nice anti virus software that actually works...key word being works.



January 26th, 2006 at 11:30am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Welll an update is longgg over due and I've got lots of time so this may be a long one...

K so Sunday I went over my mom's cousins house and tried on some of her daughter's dresses for sweethearts. Like 4 of them fit so that was sweet. I'm going to wear one that is light pink. Its so pretty so yeah. I can't wait for sweethearts cuz I'm going with the most amazing boy =].

Monday Lauren came over and we went online and planned out some stuff-top secret though lmfao- and were really gunna do it Lauren haha and did some chem and watched American Idol. Woooah some of the people...hoooly crap. Haha. That one guy..well who said he was a guy? Haha.

Tuesday was work blah.

Yesterday my sweetie took me to the doctors. Hehe. But I have mono. Eww so that sucks. I just got a really bad sore throat. It hurts so bad to swallow. But whatever. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse. But everyone says its supposed to be bad so we shall see. So then after the doctors we went back to my house and just hung out. Gosh I love hanging out with you sweetie. No kissing for like 2 or 3 weeks? Oh gosh. We'll make it though-we don't have a choice. lol Mwahhhh.

K so new semester. Ehh its okay gunna take some getting used to.

English there is Andrew, Reimus, Joel, Robyn, and Karrah so it won't be to bad. Chem Allison and Nicole and I like don't even know anybody else. And so far I don't like Ms Mulcahy. She doesn't even read the answers for homework-how we supposed to know if we got them right? Psych...Mr Rogers is sweet. Nicole and Bryan are in there. Lunch is sweet-Lauren, Silva, Amanda, and Nicole. Spanish haha thats gunna be fun. Only 3 guys. Amanda, Nicole, Allison, Kaleigh, Kelsey and a bunch of people are in there. A.P. Gov is gunna be awesome. Theres only like 15 people. Amanda, Heather, Jef, Alana, Johnny, Tegan, and some other people. And Ms Garrish seems nice. Math is gunna be sweet. Lauren and Tri are in there and lots of other people. Cept I have to sit behind bandy and next to jack off kid. Wonderrrful. So yeah classes are okay-better than I thought at first, just gunna take some time getting used to.

Um yeah so today I decided to stay home. My throat was hurting me no other this morning. And the medicine is wearing off so its starting to hurt again. I'm watchin Ray. I love the music. Its really sad though. His brother drowned when he was like 7. Then he went blind. Then when he was older he was on drugs and cheated on his wife alll the time. Its sad. But now hes trying to get clean so I better go watch and see what happens.

Okeee byebye


January 21st, 2006 at 3:20pm]
[ mood | okay ]

K so haven't updated in a while. This week has been craaazy busy.

Wednesday went over Lauren's after school and studied. We got some Subway yum n the I tried some V8 from 7/11. Eww omg. Grossss. Never try that.Lol. And were like terrified by this spider lmao. And we listened to some Garth Brooks. Then I had work eww.

Thursday went over Giac's. gosh I had amazing time. Mostly we just sat around and talked but I loved it. We had some yummy pineapple ham n bacon pizza yummm n watched next kok.His brother is so funny...he was like hiding in the dog cages. Haha. We didn't really end up studying like we said. Oopsies. Kok But it was so much fun. Then I hadda go home =[ And I miss him. Mwaahhhh

Friday me and Lauren met Nikki and her friend Elizabeth at the mall. Haha wow she is hilarious! We ate at Panera. Yumm. Then we started walkin around. We stopped in Claire's and took pictures with silly hats. Haha. We said we were gunna put a foot in every store but we kinda forgot. I got a zip up hoodie from Hollister, a shirt from American Eagle, and a shirt from Charlotte Russe. In Gadzooks I was trying on a hoodie and that stupid plastic security thing got stuck in my hair lmao. We were standing there for like an hour trying to get it off but we finally asked a stores person and they took it off with one of their things. We tried on Prom dresses..aw they were so pretty. 5 hours of walking wow. Then we got back and chilled and debated for a bit lol. Ate some yummy polish hotdogs haha and chicken soup. Then did our hair and makeup and dressed up and took pictures haha cuz were cool like that. Had some yummy floats. Watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was actually pretty good. Lots of action. Called my sweetie-he was pretty groggy kok mwah. Started watching Dirty Dancing Havana Nights but then fell asleep. Wow but what a fun day. We are definitely doing that again.

Then I came home took a shower and a nap but then Tri called and woke me up so I talked to him and now I decided to update. Wor from 5-9:30. Blahhh. Then coming home and hopefully talking to my sweetie cuz I miss him. Mwahhhh.

Tomorrow I think I'm goin to my moms cousins house to try on a dress she has so I hope I like it and it fits.

Welll gotta go get ready byeeee


January 17th, 2006 at 3:53pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yeah realllly not in the mood to study. At allll.

Got a 94% on Amann YES! But pretty much failed spanish. But I'm retake it and if I do good I'll have an A+ in the class so that would be exciting. IF I could find freaking time to study and wasn't tired. Blahh. I just can't wait until this week is over. February is going to be a busy month 8 months for me and Giac =]. Mwah. Sweethearts dance, ACTs(ewww), Valentines day, my sweeties birthday, winter break, starting out a new semester so hopefully not to much homework. Wow its coming so quick...I reallly needa go shoppin lol.

Got Criminal Justice and Chem midterms tomorrow...shouldn't be to bad...I don't think. Work 5-10. Ugggh.

Tomorrow studying wit Lauren =] and then work 4-8 ugh I hate work.

Psshh. Midterms suckkkk.


January 16th, 2006 at 5:21pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Okeeey update time a.k.a. procrastinating from studying...

K so Friday we lost our game 3-0. Went to pick up my paycheck but they didn't have it yet. :(

Saturday had bowling. I did really bad. Lauren did awesome though. We lost but thats alright. I got my ball drilled-can't wait to use it. Studied studied. Then my cousins came over and played with them. Studied more. Talked to my sweetie and then went to bed.

Sunday-studied.Work 12-4. Ugh so I request off Tuesday so I can study for midterms right? And what do they give me? Freakin Tuesday 5-10. Ugh makes me so mad. Then I told him I can't work Saturday nights and what do I get? Saturday 5-9:30. What the heck. And I still didn't get my paycheck! Gosh. But then my sweetie picked me up at 5 and we had a wonderful night =] We were gunna go to Skate World but they didn't have open skate :( We are goin eventually k Giac? Hehe. So then we went to check out the movies n we coulda drove by to look at the times but we didn't realize it so we parked all in the back and walked all the way there lmao in the freezin cold and my poor baby didn't have a jacket and he was a littttle bit hyper lmao. So thenn we went to Big Boys and had some yummy shake and onion rings and pie. TY kok. Huda. Haha. And when we were coming in he yelled Michelle has AIDs. You stinker. Thennnn we went to see Glory Road. Oh it was soo good! It felt like a real game I was gettin all excited kok. Then we had some GDawgChili time =] But then he hadda go =[ And I miss him. But I had an amazing time as always. MWAHHHH Oh yeah and my sweetie is starting to like country! Oh man I am SO proud of him! MWAHMWAH

So I got home and watched the endish of If Only. Wow soo sad. So the girl dies and then something happens and life rewinds before the accident and the guy gets a second chance to show her how much he loves her. So he does and he gives her the perfect day and tells her how much he loves her and thenn...he dies. Oh gosh it was so sad =[ And it was a horrible ending but...stuff like that does happen. Obviously not the coming back for a second chance part, but loved ones do die in accidents like that. So sad.

Anyways, we had a visitor in our house since Friday. A squirrel actually. Lmao. It came down our chimney. I was hoping it was cat. No such luck. But my dad caught it in a trap today. Bye bye squirrel lol.

American Idol starts tomorrow! Woot woot.

Midterms this week..oh man can't wait til they are overrrr.

Wellll I guess I should go study. Byeee


January 13th, 2006 at 3:06pm]
[ mood | blah ]


This week went by soo slow. Blah. I'm happy with all my classes...except Amann of course.And a little bit nervous for my spanish test I had today. And I need to study for all my finals. Blahh.

Yesterday was Giac's choir concert with his solo. Oh my gosh he did amazing. I'm sooo proud of him. Mwah.

I need sleep.

I miss my sweetie. I can't wait to hang out with him =] It's been foreverr

Soccer game at 11:00 tonight. Dang way to late.

Bowling tomorrow woo were in 2nd place. Yeah yeah.

Welll bye


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