Chili (summersweetie89) wrote,

Okay definitely time to update. Lots of stuff has happened.

Sweethearts dance and Valentine's day were both beyond amazing =]

ACTs...blahh really dunno. Some was pretty hard some wasn't.

Yesterday was my sweetie's birthday =] I cook breaded chicken and broccoli. Haha. Then we watched a tape of my brother video taping himself. lmfao. It was so funny. Then we had cake and sang happy birthday to him haha. Thenn we watched Hide and Seek. Oh man it was so scary. We layed under the blanket I made was pretty comfy lol. Then watched the Olympics for a while. I miss you sweetie. mwahhh. Happy Birthday =]

Soo glad its break week. SOO glad. Cept I got work, gotta volunteer, and start running for soccer.

OKay I don't feel like updating anymore right now. byebye.
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