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K so today and yesterday were like aboslute fun.

So yesterday I hung out with Giac after school =] Lots of accidents. Getting hit in the face, hitting our heads against the wall, and getting dropped against the wall! We watched King of the Hill and like Full House or somethin and ate some cheese balls and some yummyness his mom cooked =] Anddd had a tickle fight hehe. He spiked his hair for like 5 secs but it looked adorable. Then we went to Coldstone =] Omg grrreat ice cream. They make it like write there...mashin all the stuff together. Yumm. BLAHHHHH, getting the wrong sized lids, saying words really loud, asking for a spoon cuz you ate it(jussst kidding), getting to see your face haha ahh fun times =]

Thenn today was pep rally. It was pretty fun. Um yeah but not as fun as it shoulda been. Cuz the administrators are just annoyingly stupid. No bandana headbands in class...its freakin school spirit day! Gosh. N they didn'y let Sam and his group do their dance. And juniors have like no spirit...its pathetic lol. But it was fun despite that. Oh yeah and some people poking me ahem lauren and ronnie ahemmm.

Thenn after school me, Lauren, and Steve went to prebowl.OMG wow we were like on the biggest I don't know... bowling high. Something. Well firstly they were playing the best 90's music of..ever. So we sang along to that a bit. I have a type Phoebe personality lmfao. Fly like a bird. Sore like an eagle. Run like a phoebe. Feel free as you bowl. They probably thought we were like high or something-we laughed so hard at like...nothing lmfao. We did really good our first game and then it was down hill from there. Then Silva called. How do you pronounce xyz? Haha. Then Lauren was being silly. OMGGGGGGGGGGG. Haha Then we pranked Giac. Lmao. Ohhh baby.

Tomorrow is sweet hearts. I am sooo excited. Holy crap. I'm so not going to be able to concentrate in school. =]]]]

Welll gotta go do homework and schtufff. laterrrr

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