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What do you do at 4:30 in the morning when your throat hurts like a bitch and you can't sleep? Update livejournal of course!

Eww as much as I like not having to go to school for a couple days, I seriously would love to be there right now if it meant getting rid of this stupid sore throat. Staying home isn't even relaxing. I just sit there bracing myself for the next time I have to swallow. The motrin helps though-but when it starts wearing off oh boy. Like I have to stop whatever I'm doing and my body just like tenses up til I'm done swallowing. It probably looks like I have a twitch lmao. Ahhh.

Welll on a brighter note, I'm hanging out with Giac later =] I cannot wait for that.

Pop ups piss me off. Well you can't really call them popups because they don't pop up...they just change the page I am currently at to a page with a stupid advertisement that would have been considered a pop up if it would infact have popped up. lmao. Yep, its true. Well I guess I'll search for some nice anti virus software that actually works...key word being works.

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