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K so haven't updated in a while. This week has been craaazy busy.

Wednesday went over Lauren's after school and studied. We got some Subway yum n the I tried some V8 from 7/11. Eww omg. Grossss. Never try that.Lol. And were like terrified by this spider lmao. And we listened to some Garth Brooks. Then I had work eww.

Thursday went over Giac's. gosh I had amazing time. Mostly we just sat around and talked but I loved it. We had some yummy pineapple ham n bacon pizza yummm n watched next kok.His brother is so funny...he was like hiding in the dog cages. Haha. We didn't really end up studying like we said. Oopsies. Kok But it was so much fun. Then I hadda go home =[ And I miss him. Mwaahhhh

Friday me and Lauren met Nikki and her friend Elizabeth at the mall. Haha wow she is hilarious! We ate at Panera. Yumm. Then we started walkin around. We stopped in Claire's and took pictures with silly hats. Haha. We said we were gunna put a foot in every store but we kinda forgot. I got a zip up hoodie from Hollister, a shirt from American Eagle, and a shirt from Charlotte Russe. In Gadzooks I was trying on a hoodie and that stupid plastic security thing got stuck in my hair lmao. We were standing there for like an hour trying to get it off but we finally asked a stores person and they took it off with one of their things. We tried on Prom they were so pretty. 5 hours of walking wow. Then we got back and chilled and debated for a bit lol. Ate some yummy polish hotdogs haha and chicken soup. Then did our hair and makeup and dressed up and took pictures haha cuz were cool like that. Had some yummy floats. Watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was actually pretty good. Lots of action. Called my sweetie-he was pretty groggy kok mwah. Started watching Dirty Dancing Havana Nights but then fell asleep. Wow but what a fun day. We are definitely doing that again.

Then I came home took a shower and a nap but then Tri called and woke me up so I talked to him and now I decided to update. Wor from 5-9:30. Blahhh. Then coming home and hopefully talking to my sweetie cuz I miss him. Mwahhhh.

Tomorrow I think I'm goin to my moms cousins house to try on a dress she has so I hope I like it and it fits.

Welll gotta go get ready byeeee
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